10 Industrial Uses For Coke Which Prove It’s Not Fit For Human Consumption

Photo Credit: http://www.freakingnews.com/funny-pictures/spray-pictures.asp

Photo Credit: http://www.freakingnews.com/funny-pictures/spray-pictures.asp

Coca-Cola Company is one of the leading brands in the world of food and beverage. For many, Coca-Cola, a registered trademark of the company is synonymous to aerated soft drinks.

The inventor of Coca Cola named it after the two main ingredients – kola nuts and coca leaves, used to make the drink and used it as a medicine. It was only when entrepreneur Asa Griggs Chandler purchased the rights to the patent that the drink was marketed as a soft-drink. Under the able guidance and marketing strategies, Coke eventually went on to become one of the leading soft-drinks.

Over the years Coca Cola Company became a brand to be reckoned with. Despite claims over its involvement in malicious practices, the company has maintained its image as one that is environment friendly.

There have been many instances where the company has been caught in controversy surrounding pollution and water shortage.

The experts also express deep concern over the acidity of the product; with an alarming pH count of 2.5 one can only wonder about the damaging effects it can have on one’s health in the long run.

To assess the detrimental effects of Coca Cola on the human body, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, conducted a study on more than 2,000 middle-aged individuals. Among the group of volunteers, who were tracked for a span of at least four years, 1600 people who displayed no symptoms of metabolic syndrome were earmarked.

The researchers concluded that people who consumed at least one soda per day had:

*a 31% greater risk of becoming obese;

*a 30% higher risk of having a larger waistline;

*a 25% higher risk of developing high blood triglycerides or high blood sugar;

*a 32% greater risk of having low levels of good cholesterol;

*a trend toward an increased risk of high blood pressure.

Another study, which evaluated the effects of soft drink consumption on cardiovascular health, revealed that people who consume one or more aerated drink in a day have a 48% increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

Not only to the heart, these drinks even have damaging effect on the respiratory system leading to conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and asthma.

10 Household Uses for Coke

While the highly acidic beverage is considered unfit for human consumption, its corrosive nature can be put to use in cleaning stuff. These 10 uses of coke as a cleansing agent will surely leave you baffled.

1. Want to remove the stubborn rust stains from metallic surfaces? Pour little coke onto the stained surface and let it rest for a while, and then use an aluminum foil to scrub off. Repeat till you achieve desired results.

2. It can also be used to remove blood stains from clothing.

3. The acid can be used to dissolve the tough grease stains on garage floors.

4. Had a bad day in the kitchen? Don’t worry, you can cleanse the burnt utensils, using coke. Soak the pans in the beverage and then wash off.

5. Give your engine a makeover, use coke to remove the dirt and grime off it.

6. Are you fond of collecting coins? Keep your collection as new by soaking them in Coke.

7. Keep your chinaware shining; use our favorite beverage to remove stains from the utensils.

8. Out of toilet cleaner? Grab a bottle of Coca Cola and let it work its magic.

9. Lend your Chrome metal coating a new shine by removing rust stains using coke and aluminium.

10. Need to paint your metal furniture, wondering how to remove the old layer of paint? Soak a towel in Coke and leave it on the metal surface. Be careful not to leave it for a long time as the liquid will corrode the metal as well.

We are sure Coke must have gone up in the list of your favorite things as it is the most versatile and effective household cleaner (No pun intended!). Pass on the wisdom to your friends and loved ones by clicking on the button below.


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