10 Male Celebs You Didn’t Know Had Plastic Surgery!

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Plastic surgery has been a really controversial subject ever since it has been introduced to the world. The attitude of people towards this surgery varies drastically with some being satisfied and others getting disappointed with the results.  This surgery has come as a boon for the people in the entertainment industry, since it helps look their best..at least most of the time. We have listed top 10 male celebrities whom we never knew had gone under the knife.

1. Mickey Rourke


Mickey is one of the most popular bad boys in Hollywood, his films have received great appreciation but success did not come easy to him. He had gone through really tough times before he managed to make a name for himself. Alcohol and boxing were his companions during these times, which finally led him to having a scarred face. That is the time when he decided to take a chance and go through the surgery.

2. Kenny Rogers
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For Kenny Rogers, music was his claim to fame. But one more thing that brought him under the limelight was his new look after a small period of total disappearance. Facelift and Botox injections also played a huge role in the way he looks now. Apart from his eye bags being removed he also got his eyelids tightened.

3. Paul Stanley
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The band KISS has been in the spotlight for 2 major reasons, one that it changed the world of hard rock music and second was the plastic surgeries that not just one but two band members had done—the ‘star child’ Paul Stanley and the band’s front man Gene Simmons. Eyelid tightening, lip augmentation, rhinoplasty, face and eyebrow lift was what Stanley had done to himself by going under the knife.

4. Simon Cowell
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Thanks to his outstanding sense of judgment Simon Conwell has been responsible of picking up some of the best talents in USA and UK. This man sure is going to be in the industry for a long time since he doesn’t show any signs of growing old—thanks to the regular Botox injections that he takes.

5. Ray Liotta

For this poor guy, plastic surgery turned out to be a total disaster. Unfortunately his look made him look strange and angry, making him the victims of one of the worst plastic surgeries in Hollywood. Sadly he can do nothing about it other than just live with it.

6. Enrique Iglesias

Enrique played it safe by altering his face the least, all he did was just got a small mole removed. Smart, I must say.

7. Howard Stern

Howard stern is a popular personality in the radio business. His glasses had become a constant feature in his look until he decided to get a plastic surgery done. The rest was history; he now is a lot more confident with his facelift done and the scar on his chin removed. If sources are to be believed, he also had a hair transplant done to keep his curly locks intact.

8. Burt Reynolds

Delivering a series of hits and reaching the pinnacle of success Burt Reynolds had gone into hiding for nearly 10 years. He came back in 2005 with a BANG! His decision to get a plastic surgery done had proved to be a bad one. His face now looks paralyzed and rough. He also went through a procedure called Blepharoplasty, used to remove the bags under his eyes.

9. Carrot Top

Scott Thomson also known as Carrot Top went through this surgery a number of times turning out to look like weirdly different. What do you think?

10. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne resorted to liposuction, since the fat on his body refused to budge even after spending numerous hours in the gym. Since he was turning to the acting field, his looks did matter a lot. This seemed to be the last resort for Dwayne. Not bad, what say?


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