16 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Sleep. #5 Is Terrifying.


Frankly speaking sleep has been my one and only true love, it helps me forget bad experiences at office, my ex, the traffic on the roads and so on and so forth. Everything seems just perfect once I have slept. There is an unsaid and a seemingly strong relationship that I have with my bed which exudes a strong magnetic force the minute I enter my room. Sleep is an indisputable blessing and I am thankful for it in no uncertain terms. If you are a sleep fanatic like me, then this is just the right post for you. These 16 things about sleep are sure gonna make you fall in love with slumber once again.

1. We see a 100 faces every day, consciously or unconsciously these are the only faces that we dream about.

2. Dolphins need half their brain to help them with their breathing process. Hence even when they sleep one half is   always active.

3. Men dream about other men 70% of the time. Women give both the genders equal importance in their dreams.

4. Sleeping helps in refreshing your body, restoring the broken cells and emancipating significant hormones.

5. Walking, talking etc. in sleep is called People have committed a number of crimes while suffering from this               disorder like, sleep driving, writing bad cheques, murder, child molesting and sexual assault.

6. People in ancient time used to dream in black and white, nowadays 88% of people dream in color.

7. If you do not dream, you have a personality disorder. So dreaming is perfectly normal.

8. Our sleep positions give out a lot of clues about our personalities.

9. 1 in 4 married couples sleep in separate beds.

10. British soldiers were the brains behind developing a way to cheat their bodies so that they could stay awake for 36 hours at a stretch. Every time they felt sleepy they would switch on extraordinary screens that radiate the brightness of sunrise and wake them up.

11. Kolas are the longest sleeping mammals, with 22 hours to their credit. The Giraffes only sleep for 1.9 hours taken  in 5-10 minute sessions making them the mammals that sleep the least.

12. As far as humans are considered, infants need 16 hours and people above the age of 65 needs a minimum of 6  hours at least.

13. Sleep deficiency is a far graver problem than food paucity, starving takes 2 week but no sleep can kill you in 10   days.

14. Blind people too have dreams, they do not dream of people; rather they dream of sound, smell, and touch.

15. Half our dreams elapse the minute we wake up, and within the next 10 minutes 90% of it is vanished.

16. 1 out of 50 teenagers still wet their beds.



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