20 Things Men Do That Women Probably Don’t Know About. #15 Is Gross But So True!!

Fun & Humour

For the fairer sex, men are just creatures that cannot be understood and although everything that they do gets under the skin of women, the ladies just can’t get enough of them. In short, they brighten up the lives of women with their lax, idiotic and careless attitude, a few characteristics that you will hardly see in women. Most women think of men as neat, tidy and charming, like Leonardo DiCaprio in the scene of Titanic where he takes the hand of Rose before introducing her into his life. But sadly, under the surface of romance and sexiness, men are just men.  How much do you know about your man, like really know about them, with regard to their habits? Well, sorry to burst your bubble ladies but these are 20 things men do that women probably don’t know about, and as usual, with anything related to men, its gets gross, especially #15….. that almost got me purging.

1. Flush while peeing and watch their pee mix with the water in its circular motion.

2. Fantasize about getting intimate with all their female friends… Believe me…ALL.

3. Cup the water to their chest while having a shower then watch it trickle to the floor. The chest hair does help!!

4. Run up the stairs like a beast when alone. You can imagine their face when they are achieving this.

5. Spin the open end of the bread cover and tuck it rather than just clip it or twist the edge.

6. Imagine that they can freeze time and do as they please to anyone.. Motorboating is probably the first thing on their mind!!

7. Man’s testosterone is at its peak when they wake, so what do they do to treat their wood? Take a guess!!

8. Measure their ‘tower of babel’ and checked online to see if it is long enough.

9. Give another man the nod of approval when they spot him with a fine woman… They give it occasionally to women as well but just end up looking like a creep. And the Nod TM is just something that comes naturally to them.

10. Blow their nose in the shower and watch the goo spin into the drain.

11. Lift their left butt cheek to unleash the fart of destruction.

12. Cover the entire surface of the water of the toilet with their pee to watch it foam and give them a sense that it’s Christmas.

13. Comment on a girl’s post and Facebook and re-check to see if it sounds dumb a hundred times.. In the end.. It’s always dumb!!

14. Imagine being a superhero in a cape and saving a school, hospital or workplace from terrorists.

15. Admire the boats of excretion after one is finished with the job.. Most days it brings a smile to their face.

16. Watch romantic comedies all alone No one knows, and no one needs to know.

17. Remove their underwear, smell it and wear it on their head. It makes them look like either a ninja or Robin.

18. Delete their search history or just use incognito mode all the time.

19. Aim to pee at the edge of the toilet to avoid people being alarmed by the downpour.

20.  Try to see how far their pee can reach while peeing. Believe me; men can farm with their talent of water dispersion.


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