This Beer And Burger Math Riddle Can Give You A Hangover Like Never Before

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Photo Credits:

This puzzle using just beers and burgers is mind-bending. You are asked to find the values of each of these items in the image and finally, use them to solve the last step of this puzzle.  This puzzle can easily be performed at parties as this has all the items available in an event like that.

To solve this, you must start by finding the value of each beer bottle. It’s easy; it can be solved just by diving 30 by 3, since all the items in the first step are the same. So, the value of one beer bottle is 10.

For the second equation, we see one beer bottle and 2 burgers which equal to 10. As we know the value of the beer bottle (10), we can simply subtract the value of the beer bottle from the result (20).Now we know the value of each burger, 5.

Moving on to the third equation, where one burger and 2 sets of 2 beer pints add up to 9. We can use the same technique to find the value of one beer pint. The value of one beer pint is 1.

Now we simply use the values we already know, to solve the puzzle

5+ (1 x 10) = 5+10

Answer: 15


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