The Best Revenge Story Ever. This Man Is A God.

Fun & Humour

This episode occurred at one of the outlets of the retail giant ‘Target’, where an unruly kid was shopping with his mother. The little boy was really rude to his mother and was quite adamant about possessing that toy he fancied buying. This behavior of the boy was noticed by a man who was really irked by the child’s tantrums. The man was accompanied by a friend to this store and could notice the boy’s loud and ill behavior from quite some distance.

The child repeatedly referred to his mother as ‘idiot’ and created quite a fuss over a G.I JOE toy and forced his mother to buy it for him. The mother responded by saying “I already bought that one for you and you broke it by throwing it down the stairs”. The boy’s shocking reply was “SHUT UP. I NEED IT. IT’S THE ONLY ONE I DON’T HAVE NOW.” Instead of disciplining the child and being assertive, the mother calmly said “I don’t have enough money right now.” The boy embarrassed the woman even further by saying “YOU ARE AN IDIOT” and “F**K YOU I HATE YOU”. Unable to bear her child’s antics, the mother starts walking away from the boy. The man, who observed the errant sequence of events desired to fart on the face of the young child as a way of punishing him. The man also confessed that he had done this several times before to discipline mischievous kids. He apparently had filled his stomach with a burrito meal and had also gulped some alcohol and his stomach was waiting to explode.

Unable to handle the way this boy treated his mother, the man stood next to the troublesome boy with his bottom staring at the kid’s face. And finally, the man completed his mission of bombarding the kid’s face with a sound which people usually dread hearing. The friend was completely in splits and couldn’t stop grinning. The look on the boy’s face denoted both confusion as well as shock. The man claims that the impact of the detonation (which apparently lasted for 4 seconds) even disturbed the boy’s hair. As a result of the fart, the boy ended up sobbing in shock and attracted the attention of his mother. The concerned mother asked why the boy was shedding tears and the boy who still hadn’t come to terms with the fart experience, blurted “BAWAWAAAWAFARTBAWAWA”.

The man and his friend were just heading towards safety when the boy tried his best to take the men to task, especially the farter. The child quickly stopped laughing and complained to his mother “He farted on me”. Just when the man thought he got away with his crime, a voice interrupted him and said “Excuse me…sir…SIR!” The man pretended being innocent and replied “Uh…who? Me?”

“Yes. Did YOU just FART on my son?” she asks sternly.

“What? I mean, I did fart.” Says the man.

“On my son?” confronts the woman.

“Well, I mean, technically speaking…I mean…what is ‘on’?”

“Why did you fart on my son?”

The little boy is delighted at the way the man is being interrogated by his mother. The furious man, in a bid to teach the boy a lesson too, says “Because the whole store could hear him being a little, rotten asshole to his mother so I thought I’d come over here and treat him like one.”

The woman was dumbfounded and said “just…just go”, indicating the man to leave.

The men later headed out of the store and drove back to their destination. His curious friend asked him “Do you do that a lot?” The serial farter replied by saying “Ahhh, not that much. Like once every 6 months or so.”


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