My Dad’s New Wife Tried To Ruin My Wedding Day. What My Real Mom Did Was Genius.


There is nothing sexier than being witty. Everybody loves and yearns to be intelligent. A few lucky people are naturally very sharp, and hence have a huge friend circle. They become the center of attraction at every social gathering. The best part of being waggish is that, no one will ever take your retaliation in a negative way; since it can always be passed off as a joke. In this story, the lady gave her ex- husband’s new wife a response in such a dignified and an elegant way; that what you will feel for the epigrammatic lady is simply known as ‘Respect’.  I am sure you are curious to know what exactly happened. The witty lady’s daughter has narrated the whole story; this is what she said;

My wedding day was quickly approaching. I literally couldn’t wait – nothing could spoil it for me, not even my parents’ difficult divorce. I knew that my mum had found the PERFECT dress and she would blow away all the guests. I would be so proud to see her there looking beautiful.

Around a week later it came to my attention that my father’s new young wife had planned to wear the SAME dress. I asked her to change it, telling her my mum had the same one. She snarled and, “I am going to look a million dollars in this dress, and I’m wearing it. Now leave me alone”. When I told my mum she was calm and softly said, “Don’t worry my darling, I will get another dress, I don’t want any trouble on your special day”.

A few days passed and we went to find another dress for my mum. When we stopped to get a bite to eat I asked,” Aren’t you going to take the other dress back to the stop.”

She smiled and said,” Oh no, I am going to be wearing it to the rehearsal dinner on the night before the wedding.” She winked.

Now that’s how a woman with substance retaliates. Wit is an important ingredient in life, without which life would be a lot tougher than it currently is. What do you think?


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