Dolphin Approaches A Diver For Help!


Often we encounter troubles and at times we are not in the position to help ourselves. We feel helpless and pray that someone extends a helping hand towards us and relief us of our pain. In this story, a dolphin is stuck in such a situation when a fish line entwined around its body. This incident took place on 11th January, 2013, when diver Keller Laros went for a dive at Manta Ray Dives of Hawaii. Underneath the water, he suddenly saw a bottlenose dolphin and also saw the fish line in its body. He gestured the dolphin to come close so that he could get the string off the creature’s body. The animal did not fear this human and responded to him by approaching near. Laros was too careful not to hurt the dolphin and with utmost care tried to pull out the fish line. While he was busy with that task, the dolphin gently waved its tail and stayed close to him without creating any problem. Keller removed the line from its fin with his hand and then he took out a knife to cut the line. By then the dolphin had full faith in him and even after seeing the sharp object it did not move a little. Laros slowly cut the line from places and pulled it out. The line also got stuck to its mouth and Laros cut it too. Finally freeing its pectoral fin Keller set the dolphin free from the clutches of the thread, and the little one happily swam. Even though he tried to pull out the whole fish line, a small part of it was still there in the dolphin’s body which Keller could not remove because of the wound. Those few minutes underwater are sure to be one of the most cherished moments of Keller Laros’ life. And for us, we saw an unusually beautiful bond develop between an animal and a human.


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