He Finds 20 Dollars In The Parking Lot. What The Camera Caught Him Doing With It Is Beyond Belief


The kid in this video finds a 20 dollar bill at a parking lot, and decides to spend it on something like a video game but he changes his mind. He bumps into a soldier and hands him the $20 along with a handwritten note which changes the soldier’s life forever. This spirit-lifting idea came to this kid because his father is a soldier who died in the war in Iraq. The boy was 6 month old at that time so when he looked at Lt. Colonel Frank Daley, he imagined that this is how his dad might have been. That’s by far the sweetest letter to all the soldiers out there.

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This video is in our must watch list and take it from us, if you miss out on watching this one then you definitely are missing out on a lot in life. This is a story of a little boy who amazed the world with his sentiments and sense of discretion.

This is the story of a boy who lost his soldier father to Iraq war when he was only 5 months old but he never forgot the values that his father fought for. He decided to honor another random soldier in order to get in touch with his dead dad some way or the other.

This incredible story of love, respect and loss will teach you a lot about life, about how we take things for granted. You must watch this tear jerker with a box of tissue beside you because you would need it.


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