If You Were Born Before 2000, You Gotta See This! It Seems Like A Dream Now Doesn’t It!


With increasing population there is a scarcity of land and as a result deforestation is taking place at a fast pace to construct buildings and skyscrapers. We have come to a time when house has become synonymous to apartments with similar structure and same size. Kids nowadays do not know what outdoors games are as there are no open areas where they can run and hop joyfully. They are unaware that even without a PlayStation we can actually have some thrilling games with our pals and siblings. But this is known by kids who were born at a time when things such as mobile phones, tablets, and the like did not exist. We cannot imagine our lives without cellphones and internet today but for the kids of 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s these things did not matter at all. We were strong enough to deal with life and all the surprises it threw on us. While we knew our friends with their face and not via Facebook, books were one of our best companions. Unlike the present scenario, for us the virtual world only existed in the bedtime stories which our granny narrated to us. We had the best of time hanging out with our friends and for today’s kids ‘Hangouts’ is only a Google application. Technology has brought us too far but we regret that our succeeding generations are missing on a lot of things that were priceless to us. We did not know that some paint contained led and could be harmful, but our enormous playtime helped us gain the immunity to deal with all such dangers. Those times have produced some of the greatest problem solvers, risk takers and inventors. Some people even believe that the kids of those times should not have survived because of the way of life we had. However, the actual reason is that, we survived and lived life to the fullest only because of the way of life we had. And we can call ourselves, SURVIVORS!

When Albert Einstein said, “I fear the day when technology would surpass human interactions. The world will have a generation of idiots”, he wasn’t entirely wrong. In fact, most of that makes sense in today’s world.

The video takes a nostalgic plunge into the good ol’ days of 50s, 60s, 70s and even early 80s when life was a lot easier, less complicated and more fun for children. Then all that play meant was cycling to the unknown patches of the city, having fun in the garden area, taking a swim, playing dart balls, making up games with sticks and tennis ball and so on. There was no cell phone, leave alone smartphones, no Xbox, no PlayStations, no Facebook and not even limitless channels on cable. Kids learned from experience rather than robotic learning.

Wondering how did they survive? Watch this video and find out. They not just survived but have made famous and respected personalities in the world.


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