She Was Mugged While Visiting Her Husband’s Grave. But It’s What Happened Next That Gave Me Chills

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78-year-old Tona Herdon’s life was quite peaceful until the unfortunate demise of her beloved husband. The end of her 60-year long marriage left the woman in a deeply disturbed state of mind.

Tona wanted to revisit the fond memories of all the good times she shared with her husband, for which the old lady even spent some time near her husband’s grave. Barely two weeks after her man’s death Herdon was spotted at the place where her husband was buried. Little did Tona know that something so unfortunate was about to happen to her at the graveyard.

The senior citizen was assaulted by a man who stole her purse containing $700 and fled within no time. The news of this assault soon spread like wildfire and got the attention of the society, which helped in nabbing this assailant.

The mug shot of this man flashed across television channels and got the attention of a 15-year-old boy named Christian Lunsford. The mug shot shook this young teenager, since the assailant was nobody else but his father. Lunsford’s parents parted ways when he was hardly two-years-old and the boy had seldom interacted with his daddy ever since.

Ironically, Christian had met his father only two weeks before he noticed the latter on television. The teenager was offered $250 by his father, since the boy wanted to go on a musical tour.

The kind hearted teen wanted to do his bit to help the old woman who was troubled. The young lad contacted her and the two decided to catch up at the parking lot of a church. Lunsford also donated the $250 he had collected for his trip to the old lady as a mark of penance for his father’s crime. This clip reveals more details of this boy’s great gesture.


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