One Internet Meme Changed This Woman’s Life And Ruined Her Dreams


What is it about “bad stuff” that people are always so eager to accept? When we hear good news, there is always an attentive ear for the “but”. People always tend to look for the dark cloud, instead of the silver lining. We all meet individuals in life who find happiness in making others feel dejected. There can be many reasons for this—jealousy, inferiority complex, or frustration at their own journey in life.  Agreeing with what Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman, that the bad stuff is easier to believe; we have an example of how this one fake news has changed this innocent lady’s life.  The buzz is that, this woman was divorced by her husband for having ugly kids. Seriously?

That’s Heidi Yeh, who has been through a lot of emotional trauma because of spurious information from a lot of news channels. They claim that she had hidden the fact from her husband, that she had a plastic surgery done before marriage and hence they now have ugly children. To add to this injury they claimed that he has been granted $1000 for being the butt of deception.



Some of the news outlets, who went out of their way to traumatize this young lady by spreading some bogus information, are The Daily Mail, Mirror, and New York Post. She has now decided to clear all these allegations against her.



This Taiwan based model says that, “I’ve broken down many times crying and I haven’t been able to sleep.” She goes on to say that, “The biggest loss for me is I don’t want to be a model anymore.”



In 2012, when she signed the contract with Taiwanese cosmetic clinic, to promote Plastic surgery, marked the beginning of her outlandish journey.



The pictures of the children were altered, and posted on the internet with a slogan, “Plastic surgery – you can’t hide it forever.”

The worst part comes now, even her near and dear ones did not stand by her and chose to believe the false news that was going viral.



“People refused to believe that I had never had plastic surgery. Clients would ask me if I was the woman in the picture. After this, I only got small roles in advertisements.” says Heidi Yeh, the Taiwan model. Apart from her boyfriend breaking up with her, she also saw a huge dip in her career graph. I wish people would stand up for what they believe and stop sharing news unless they are sure that it is true. Senselessly posting and forwarding stuff can ruin people’s confidence as well as reputation.  As for Heidi Yeh, her fans wish her best of luck for her future and hope that she finds the silver lining in the dark clouds.

(via Antiviral)


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