What This Woman Did At Thanksgiving Made Everyone’s Jaws DROP, I’m Speechless

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There comes a time when we have to take big decisions; choices which will decide our future and lead us to a new life. Such decision making robs us of sleep and leaves us in the dreamland throughout the day. For instance, the stream of study which we want to take up, the career which will cater to our interest areas and the one whom we want to have as our better-half. Deciding on these is only the first step towards it, as the rest gradually follow. Like once we choose whom we want to marry, we have to meet the person’s family and also make both sides meet, in order to know each other better. However, those moments fill us with anxiety and sometimes the result of that nervousness makes us encounter situations which are indeed embarrassing. A similar thing happened with this girl, when she went to meet her boyfriend’s family on Thanksgiving.

Photo Credit: http://www.plazmedia.com/2015/comedy-movies-of-hollywood/

Photo Credit: http://www.plazmedia.com/2015/comedy-movies-of-hollywood/

She was tensed and excited to meet her boyfriend’s parents on Thanksgiving as it was the first time she would be meeting them. They all sat at the dinner table to enjoy the lofty meal, probably along with a turkey as the festivity calls for it.

Soon after, the lady felt something unusual, maybe the tension was feeding on her or the meal was too rich. She felt a jerk of gas inside her trying to escape, and suppressing it welled up her eyes. She could not think of anything else and thought that letting out a little gas would relief her.

Though it did not sound like a bombardment, yet it was audible enough for the people seated at the table. She was turning red with embarrassment, but just at that moment, her boyfriend’s father shouted at their pet. The pet was sitting under the girl’s table and the old man shouted with a grave voice “Skippy!”

The girl thought to herself, “This is great!” and the thought put a smile on her face. Sometime later, she began to feel the same urge and this time she let out a little more with even thinking about the consequences.

This time too, the old man turned to the dog and uttered loudly, “Dammit Skippy!” and once more the lady was relieved and thought “Yes!”

The third time gas troubled her, she let it out without any guilt or thoughtfulness and this one was epic. It almost seemed never-ending and the fart was loud and clear and long as well.

Now the father of her boyfriend stared at their pet and with sternness in his voice screamed, “Dammit Skippy, get away from her, before she craps on you!”

In a jiffy the tables turn and we can well imagine how all her smiles drained off her face.

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