4 Cops Went To Dinner, But When They Got The Check They Couldn’t Believe What The Waitress Wrote



Life is full of surprises and that is the best part about it. While we are busy with our mundane routine, life brings to us some surprises which lights us up and fills us with happiness. And such things happen when and where we least expect them, just as it happened to these police officers.
After a tiring day at work, these cops of Louisiana decided to treat themselves with a good meal and hence, arrived at the local ‘Outback Steakhouse’. On seeing them and recognizing them from their uniforms, the waitress and the manager began a secret discussion.
There was nothing to complain about the meal as it was perfectly prepared and served, but when they asked for the bill, they did not have the least idea what was in store for them. The bill had a note from the waitress Zoe Rao, and it said that the meal was free and they need not pay for it.

Photo Credit: http://yournationnews.com/waitress-didnt-want-anyone-to-see-what-she-wrote-on-this-cops-receipt-but-now-its-going-viral/

Photo Credit: http://yournationnews.com/waitress-didnt-want-anyone-to-see-what-she-wrote-on-this-cops-receipt-but-now-its-going-viral/

Zoe said, “They’re the sweetest guys. I enjoy waiting on them.”
The manager Arline Wood said that these officers used to visit their place frequently and they have always been very polite with the hotel staff. Therefore, this time they thought of showing their gratitude to the cops by serving them a free meal. These officers work throughout the year to protect the citizens from any harm and ensure that the people of Slidell are safe and sound.
Later, the police officers published an image of the receipt which they received from the hotel on their social networking page and it soon caught public attention. This took Arline and Rao by surprise as the story of their little kindness was being shared by thousands of people.
Arline said, “People were calling me and then we saw it on Facebook. Then it’s on this one and that one, and we didn’t do it for this publicity, because Lord knows I don’t like all this publicity.”
Even though the officers were not charged a single penny for the food, they placed a huge sum as tip to display their gratefulness towards the kindheartedness shown to them.
This act of Zoe and Arline reminds us that we should thank the police department for working incessantly to guarantee our safety. Most of the time, we do not see what good they do, and only point out the mistakes that occur occasionally.
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