This Is What Bohemian Rhapsody Sounds Like On A 110-Year-Old Fairground Organ. I Have Chills!


When Freddie Mercury wrote the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ at his residence, little did he know that the piece of music would acquire world-wide fame. The six minute suite comprises of an intro, followed by a ballad sequence, an operatic passage, a segment of hard rock and a reflective coda at the end. Touted as one of the most expensive single of the day, the rhapsody topped the UK Singles Chart for straight nine weeks upon its release in 1975. It topped charts again, not only in the UK but also Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, when the same version was re-released almost fifteen years later. One of the best singles of all time, the song has weathered the storm of time and is still popular among lovers of rock music.

The video showcasing the timeless classic being played on a fairground organ is a soothing experience. In contrast to the loud music which is popular in present times, the Rhapsody is a treat to the auditory senses. The fairground organ is essentially a pipe organ which was used in the entertainment shows organized at a fair. The organ was capable of producing loud music which was used to draw public to the rides or other attractions. With time the design of fairground organs became more sophisticated and it was at its peak during the 1920s. The instruments would encompass popular music of the era, the arrangement of which was fed into it using a paper scroll. The organs were decorated to match the pomp and grandeur of the fairground.

The piece of machinery in the video playing the Rhapsody using the programmable sheet is probably more than a hundred years old. However the melody emanating from the device is capable of transporting one back in time. Plug your earphones and indulge in the mellifluous experience.


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