Michael Buble Can’t Believe This Lady Interrupts Him, But Watch Who She Calls Over!

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The famous American composer and musician Roy Ayers once said “The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers.” Music has no boundaries and the universal language can express the unsaid. The musicians have lent voice to the thoughts of many with their creations, throughout history.

With reality shows mushrooming in this era of internet, it is relatively easy for budding artists to display their skills. However this mother could not wait for his son to come of age and decided to do everything in her power to give the 15-year-old a break. It was during a concert at the Aviva Stadium, wherein Canadian singer Michael Bubble was performing live, that this funny incident happened. A lady barges on to the podium mid-performance and takes everyone by surprise. The singer is bemused at the woman’s display of audacity but patiently walks to her and lends his ear.

As it turns out, the woman was the mother of a fifteen year old son, who apparently had a great voice. She wanted Michael to give his son a chance to perform in front of the audience. Everyone including the singing star was taken aback at the oddity of the request. But surprising everyone, Michael calls over the lad on to stage and encourages him to sing. The band starts playing ‘Feeling Good’, the track from Bubble’s second studio album ‘It’s Time’. Sam surprises everyone when he starts singing and an overwhelmed Michael asks him not to feel shy. The crowd cheers him on as he swoons in his delectable voice. Michael then joins him and the duo end the performance amidst loud applause. After Sam bids adieu, the singing sensation continues with his performance, but not before remarking what an incredible singer the kid was.


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