One Word To Rule Them All – Bird, Flower And Fruit


Homonyms are words which spell the same but have different meanings. This is one such word; this could either be a bird, a flower or a fruit.

The Answer is Kiwi. The endangered species of birds found in New Zealand. This bird is honored as the national bird of New Zealand and as a symbol of the native inhabitants of the Country.  The origin of the fruit however was from China, originally was called “Chinese Gooseberry”. The name Kiwi was later adapted by the exporters during the World War II as the US soldiers were fond of these fruits and requested to import it to California. Kiwi fruit is named so because of its striking resemblance to the fuzzy brown kiwi, NZ’s national bird. The kiwi fruit is also called the Chinese gooseberry, since it’s origin is from China. Male Kiwi plants can pollinate up to 8 female plants – plant Casanovas. 5 species of kiwi birds all endangered. Their closest ancestor is the Elephant bird. Stoats AKA short-tailed weasels are the worst enemies of Kiwi, almost 70% of the kiwi population are killed by stoats. Help keeping these cute creatures from being extinct before it is too late.


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