Poachers Viciously Murdered This Rhino’s Mom. Now He Has A New Family.


Poaching has evolved as a grave threat to our fauna. Animals such as elephants, tigers, rhinoceros or crocodiles are killed for their various body parts like skin, tusks, horns etc. Africa which was a haven for rhinoceros has been worst hit by poachers and the rapidly dwindling numbers of these creatures has brought them on the verge of extinction. The Council on Foreign Relations in Africa has assessed that the rampant killings of rhinos in 2015 has surged to catastrophic proportions and the number of rhinos being born is nowhere close to these figures.

There is a belief that the rhinoceros horn possesses medicinal properties and this is the reason why the keratin structures sell for prices at par with gold. Some also use the horn as an item of decor.

There is no scientific basis for the medicinal uses of rhinoceros horn and it is only for the greed of selfish and ignorant humans that they are being mercilessly slaughtered. Due to the incessant killing there is only one male rhino alive of the white rhinoceros species. The creature is surrounded at all times with as many as forty bodyguards for his protection.

Though the efforts made to protect the male rhino is commendable, there are several others who are at the mercy of these poachers, who would not flinch before hurting the mute creatures. The rhinos featured herein have survived to tell the grim side of the story.

The black calf was orphaned after poachers killed her mother. Fortunately he was adopted by a caring family who take care of him like their own. As one can see the calf has also taken a liking for the members of his adoptive family.


Though his past was marred by horrific incidents, he has emerged stronger and is enjoying life with his new family.

Flickr user hermione_ron5

While not all of them are lucky enough to find a caring family, sanctuaries like The Rhino Orphanage take in these orphaned babies where they grow up with other survivors.

Facebook / The Rhino Orphanage

This precious one is named Thandi and she lost her horn in an attack in 2012, which almost killed her. Though she survived, she lost two of her friends.

Facebook / Thandi’s Fund Raiser / Angie Goody

It took as many as twelve surgeries for Thandi to recover, she is doing well now.

Fight for Rhinos

Thandi welcomed her calf, Thembi into the world in 2015.

Facebook / Thandi’s Fund Raiser

After hacking off her horn, the ruthless killers had abandoned Hope to die, when she was only four years old.

Facebook / Saving The Survivors’s

Hope’s condition was grave and it was because of the prompt action of vet team from Saving the Survivors that saved her life.

Facebook / Saving The Survivors

The rescue team reported that it has been almost two weeks since Hope’s surgery and the “wound is looking very good, no signs of infection or any bleeding and Hope seems to know that she will survive.”

Facebook / Saving The Survivors

Despite being subjected to unimaginable horrors, these gentle spirits refuse to quit and serve as an inspiration for all.

Facebook / The Rhino Orphanage

We hope some sense is knocked into the savage and selfish poachers and that this species is saved from extinction. And we applaud the commendable job being done by Saving the Survivors and The Rhino Orphanage. There is still some hope.

Facebook / Saving The Survivors

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