This Boy Suddenly Leaves His Chair & Walks To The Stairs. Now See Why People Press The Record Button

Amazing Kids

Now I know what to watch to cope with all the blues and gloomy days that lie ahead. And no matter how hard you try not to fall in love, you just can’t! The only thought that hasn’t left my mind is that whoever motivated or inspired this little boy to gather all grit and might to own the moment like he did, kudos to them! Also, unless your colleagues are as crazy as you are to watch cute, hilarious videos between work hours, you might want to watch this whenever it’s safe to literally laugh out loud. Go on, let this child and his awesome-ness turn your day into a great one!

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Look at this little person roll—he is dotingly cute and our feeling is that ‘he knows it!’ At Rascal Flatts music concert in Kentucky, this charming little thing took to the center aisle when a surprising LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I know It” number started to play! He grabbed everyone’s attention with his adorable moves and wriggles, knowing impeccably which body part to sway on exactly what beat, and now he is internet frenzy—managed to steal Rascal Flatts’ designated spotlight!


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