The Two Most Expensive Coffees In The World Are Made From Animal Poop! Here’s How It’s Done


There are a lot of people who cannot get past 10’oclock in the morning without a cup of coffee; without which they will display a show of insanity right in front of you. No wonder it is also called the, “fuel of a modern man.” All coffee lovers will also agree with me in toto when I say that, there is something about coffee that stimulates the other end of your body. The nature calls are hard to ignore after a cup of coffee is down your throat.  While studies claim that coffee makes us poop, in some areas feces is the major ingredient to make that exquisite cup of coffee that you relish. Take a look at the two of best coffees in the world and their sources.

1. Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee

Made from partly-digested coffee beans eaten and pooped out by civets

This is one of the world’s most exorbitant coffees and the reason for it being so expensive is its humble beginning. As history would have it, the coffee maker is a small animal called the civet that poops out the moderately digested coffee berries. The home to this high in demand creature is the Tropical Asia and parts of Africa. This is what the posh poop looks like.

The cost of this expensive coffee is about $3000 per kilo. These civets are now leading an extremely hectic life, since they are being overfed with coffee cherries and are kept in captivity. I mean it sounds gross but the fact remains that, they are forced to poop so that we can drink their shit.

2. Black Ivory Coffee (Northern Thailand)

Made from elephant dung

Here come the next on the list, give you two guesses what this coffee is made of. Elephant dung!! .Here is the picture.

Yup this is what it looks like when it is finally served to you in a posh hotel, but that doesn’t negate the fact that elephant dung is what makes you crave for your favorite coffee. These pictures below show a glimpse of the procedure.

So you understand why these beans are expensive, don’t you? For those who don’t, let me spell it out for you. Making of this coffee is a slow procedure, after chewing the coffee cherries for 17 hours and then shitting out partially digested poop takes time, hence the  high cost. 33 kg of cherries have to be eaten by the elephant to make 1 kg of coffee beans.

Blake Dinkin, was the brain behind Black Ivory Coffee.  This beverage is solely created in Thailand using Thai Arabica coffee. The elephants at a rescue organization called the Golden Elephant Triangle Foundation are used as coffee makers. The Canadian brain trusts that elephant poop creates better beans since their diet is 100% vegetarian unlike civets. He also gives back 8% of his profit back to the sanctuary.

All images from Fastnews.


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